Saturday, April 11, 2009

Shoe Addict

When I was still teaching in the Philippines, one of my favorite hobbies was collecting different kinds of shoes. Sometimes, when me and mom go to the mall, I can't control myself buying a shoes especially if there is a sale and I like the style. Most of the shoes that I had were a Comfort Shoes. Some of them are Name Brands Shoes but there are some wherein the brand is not familiar but the quality is good. Before leaving the Philippines, I gave some of my collections of shoes to people who are very close to me like my friends and co-teachers in the school where I was teaching before.

Now, that I am in Italy, I am still fond of shoes. I'm still a shoe addict. In fact, I have different kinds of shoes which I use in different kinds of climates. For example, at the end of autumn and during winter I used the Ugg Boots that my husband bought me when I arrived. I like using this shoes because they are very comfortable to the feet. During summer, because it's hot I usually use an open sandals. How about you guys, are you a shoe addicts as well?