Tuesday, December 23, 2008


Receiving this tag from Ria makes me remember the time when I am still in the Philippines. And I enjoyed doing this one. I find this tag very interesting. So here they are:

1. Have you ever been on TV?
One time when I accompanied my student who joined in the singing contest which was hosted by Regine Velasquez.

2. Have you ever sung in public?
Yes, when I am jamming with my students.

3. Have you ever dyed your hair blond?

4. Have you ever eaten frogs' legs?
Yes. Infact, this is one of the food that I miss.

5. Have you ever received a present that you really hated?
No, I appreciate all the gifts that they gaved to me.

6. Have you ever walked into a lamp post?
No, I never yet experience walking into a lamp post.

7. Have you ever cooked a meal by yourself for more than 15 people?
Yes, during Christmas Parties in the school, I was the one who prepared the food for my students.

8. Have you ever fallen or stumbled in front of others?
Yes, when I am still teaching in the private school. At that time I was very mad to my advisory class and when I go out to the door I was fallen into the floor. All my students saw it but nobody laugh at me because they know that I'm very very mad at that time.:)

9. Have you ever done volunteer work?
Yes, when I am still teaching and also when I went to school to study a caregiver course.

Now, I want to pass this award to all my blogger friends...