Tuesday, December 23, 2008

A Nice Wedding Rings

A friend of mine who is living for more than 10 years in California called me yesterday evening. She told me that she and his fiancée for more than 7 years are planning to get married this June 2009. And I feel very happy for them because at last they planned to settle down already. My friend even mentioned that his fiancée gave her an engagement ring last December 21 (when she celebrated her 30th birthday) . And the rings are made of titanium. When she mentioned about titanium, I told her that there is a site that offers a large variety of titanium jewelry collection that is made of aircraft grade Ti-64, hardest alloy Ti-662 and Pure Ti-999. I told her that if she want, she could visit this site together with his fiancée if ever they want a titanium rings for their wedding or maybe tungsten rings (which are made of superior carbide alloy). I even told her that aside from these, they are also offering a titanium wedding bands , titanium necklace , bracelets, chains etc. She asked me if I visited this site already and I said "yes" and I told her that I found their designs of Milgrain titanium rings very nicely. So, before we ended talking she told me that she will going to tell this to his fiancée and they will going to visit this site, to see together the different designs and styles of their jewelry collection.