Friday, October 17, 2008

Shop Online For Yourself

Yesterday,after going to the shop of Auntie Cita I went to the house of my Tanzanian friend. Her name is Regula. She is married to an Italian guy named Enrico. I met Regula when I am taking an Italian lesson and we became friends. But since the school ended, I didn't see her already and it's only on phone that we are communicating. So I decided to meet her yesterday.

When I saw her, I noticed that she loose weight (because right now she is walking every morning with her husband). She is complaining that almost her clothes are very loose already because from size 34 her waistline now is 30. I told her that since they have a computer and an internet connection in their house why not she go and shop online for a new clothes . I told her that she can find anything and everything for sale on the web at She can find also good deals at ShopWiki. I even told her that if she wants to wear a jeans she can shop at ShopWIki because they have a variety of jeans to choose from like a curvy jeans from Levi's, Calvin Klein etc... Then,she told me that she will tell it to her husband about it so that they will going to search and shop there together.