Friday, October 17, 2008

Palazzo dei Consoli (Gubbio)

The imposing complex of Consul Palace , of Pretorio Palace and the square which links them were constructed during the XIV century.

The deliberations of 1321 and 1322 commanded that the buildings had to be erected in a place touching all the different quarters of the town. For these reasons, the public buildings were realized so as to meet all the areas of town in a dedalus of magnificent beauty.
To fulfill the task, the land had to be deeply modified, and huge vaults were constructed in order to support this hanging square, which is supposed to be the biggest hanging square in the world. The architectural complex has a uniform style, revealing the conscience of a new civilization.

The marvelous door of the Consuls Palace has to be attributed to Angelo da Orvieto. The Consuls Palace hosts the archeological museum at which inside the eugubine tables are stored, definitely the most important document for the history of the ancient italic people.

Here are some of the pictures that we took during our trip.