Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Il Terremoto ( The Earthquake)

Have you ever heard the news about the earthquake happened here in the central part of Italy? Well, L'Aquila (the province of Abruzzo) is very near to our place. It's the next region (in the south) of Marche. As a matter of fact, during the time that the earthquake happened, some people who are living here in Fabriano felt it. And last night, there's again an aftershock which I felt when I am preparing the food of my father in-law. It's a strong one... but it takes only a couple of minutes. That aftershock happened last night, kills again some people in Abruzzo. Right now, the death toll of the earthquake is 250 and they believed that it will increase as the rescue team is still working to find the bodies of those people who was been trapped in their houses. I hope and pray that the earthquake will be over.