Monday, February 23, 2009

The Way How I Communicate To My Loveones

I've been here in Italy for more than 2 years but I still miss my family, friends and relatives so much. I've been thinking of them almost everyday. Maybe because that's the effect of being an only child. Sometimes when I miss them, I cried. It's not easy for me being away to them especially I am here in the place wherein I don't know anyone. I've met some Filipinos here but all of them are always busy. So, everytime I went to the city, I met them very seldomly. I even don't have a friend here. That's the reason why, I'm very thankful that Manang Lisa taught me how to blog because it gives me the opportunity to meet a lot of people from different places.

But eventhough I am busy in my blogs, I still have time to call my loveones in the Philippines using a Prepaid Phone Card. Of course we are chatting on the net, but before we chat on the net I call them first. Sometimes, if the weather is not good and I have no card anymore, I'm not calling them eventhough I miss them very much. It's nice because yesterday, I found a site that offers an international prepaid Calling cards and Phone Cards to call different countries around the world. In this site, you can get the lowest calling rates according to what you want. For example, if you want to call in the Philippines you will get a 45 minutes call for a $5 card. And if you are a first time user, you can get a 40% extra balance plus $10 worth of talk time. Isn't it nice? Well, if you are interested just visit their site.


Roz Andrews February 23, 2009 at 7:23 PM  

It takes time to make good friendships, especially in a foreign country - hang in there and, in the meantime, enjoy your online friendships through blogging.

Best wishes,