Monday, February 9, 2009

Changes To PPP

This afternoon Ate Lisa send me the email that she received from PPP since I don't receive any emails from them. And according to the letter, PPP are making some changes. And here is the content of the letter:
Over the past few weeks we have been listening to feedback from bloggers like you and as a result have changed the way PayPerPost works for bloggers. We believe the changes are pretty exciting and hope you will too.

Link Only Posts
Advertisers can now create Opportunities that only require a link only and don't specify a minimum word count. You can write your normal content, insert a link and get paid.

More Opps Per Day
You are now able to do up to 7 Opps per day per blog. 3 of those can be sponsored posts and 4 of those can be link only Opps.

Interim Post Requirement
We have removed the interim post requirement from the system completely.

New Minimum Pricing
We had toyed with some pricing that allowed Opps to be as low as $.50, that is now $1.00 paid to a blogger at minimum.

All of this means more freedom, flexibility and options for you as a blogger to control the content of your blog and how you monetize moving forward. At a time when other companies in our space are forcing you to pick sides and asserting more control over you, PPP is leading the way with more latitude to run your blog as you see fit. We want you to choose a mix of services that works best for you. When you succeed we succeed.

Well, reading the letter makes me happy especially the changes that they made in removing the interim post requirement. I hope it will continue.