Saturday, January 10, 2009

Greek Island Holidays

Since, I've been always here in the house everyday I think, I need to take a vacation. I need to relax and spend a holiday maybe outside Italy for a change of atmosphere. And I told to my husband about my plan of having a vacation together. He asked me where? And I answered him, “ I don't know”. Then he suggested that, if I want we could go to Greece and have a Greek island holidays this April since there is an offer in one of the tour companies here in Fabriano and the price of the ticket is very affordable.

He told me that, according to his friend who took a vacation there last August, Greek Islands is a very beautiful place especially in the islands of Corfu which is very well-known being the largest municipality and the administrative, financial and commercial center in the islands. One of it's great attraction is the “Old Town”. Another islands which is nice to visit also according to his friend is the islands of Kavos because they have a very nice holiday resorts which is the place to go for a lively holiday.

So, since my husband suggested already the month and the place, I hope that we could go and spend our holidays to Corfu or maybe a holidays to Kavos this April.


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