Friday, January 16, 2009

Ensim Unify

Most small teams and large companies choose to use Windows for their workstations and servers. For all of them, their common problems to solve are, for example, reducing costs, improve security, avoid misconfiguration and many more.

And a common choice among companies, up to enterprise ones, is to use Microsoft Exchange as messaging and collaboration server. Exchange Management and Exchange Tools fits nicely in Active Directory , so for small and static configurations, the administrative tools that Microsoft offers could be enough.

Not so when you have to deal with a large number of clients with changing requests, integrate it with mobility application as Blackberry, or smart phones, or migrating to a newer release.

And to help you find a nice management software or a highly scalable, open architecture solution that simplifies the process of offering tiered hosting plans to various customer segments, Ensim Unify is here. Ensim is one of the leading provider in terms of management software for directory and applications infrastructure, such as Active Directory (AD) and Microsoft Exchange. They allows the organizations to decrease operating costs, improve workforce effectiveness and meet security and compliance goal. And if you want to gather more information about them, just visit their site.