Friday, January 16, 2009

A Birthday Present

When I am still in the Philippines, I have a lot of friends but there are only few of them whom I consider as a trusted friend. And I still remember that one of my trusted friends is celebrating her birthday this coming February 14. So since, it's her birthday, I'm planning to give her a birthday gift. A gift which she will going to love and appreciate. And the gift that I'm planning to give her is a set of perfumes. Why? Because this friend of mine, loves to collect different kinds of perfumes. That's the reason why, I'm giving this kind of present to her.

And a good starting point to search is ShopWiki. ShopWiki is a search engine for stores on internet with guides on buying and gifts by category or occasions. If you will go to their Health and Beauty products you could see a lot of items that comes from different leading brands.

There I found offerings for different kinds of products from cosmetics, skin care, hair care, personal care, men's grooming, bath and body, mineral cosmetics and fragrances. All of these products comes from different leading brands. And at ShopWiki you can find anything and everything for sale.

So even though, we are miles away from each other, I still want my friend to be happy in her birthday. I am planning to buy my gift in this website but, as a perfume has to tell something about the one wearing it, I still have to decide if “sweet as rose” is better than “spicy”.


Hazelicious929 January 19, 2009 at 7:27 PM  

wow! how sweet naman... Happy birthday sa friend mo Chelle