Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Got A Wish This Christmas?

Fifteen days from now and Christmas will be here. I believe that a lot of people have their own Christmas wishes and that includes me of course. So how about you? Have you got a wish ? Maybe you are wishing to have a digital photo frame just like me, right?

Digital photo frame is one of the latest technology that was invented out there. Do you know that there is this CEIVA's unique digital photo frame that can help you connect to your family and friends from anywhere and in any place in the world. This photo frame from CEIVA, is able to send photos immediately by just connecting to an existing phone line or through the computer. There's no software needed and it's very easy to use. So if you have this digital frame, you can send your latest pictures to your loved ones wherever they are.

Right now, CEIVA is hosting a contest and maybe you want to try joining their Sit on Santa's Lap Experience contest. This contest is for US residents only. So if you are a resident of the US and you want to join in this contest, just click this link. They are selecting one random entry for each day of the contest and there is a cash prize of $500 per winner. So if you win in this contest, it will surely make your Christmas a memorable one.



Tey December 11, 2008 at 7:26 AM  

I have a lot of wishes but all are up to God.. I'll whatever he give me
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