Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The Expertise In Windows-Based Solutions

Most people nowadays are using Windows as their operating system in their computers. And not only them because most of the medium companies and even the big companies are using Windows too. And if you are working in a company, I think you need something that are going to help you ensure an e-mail service works efficiency and at maximum performance everyday, all day and even during migrations. Therefore, if you want to have a maximum performance everyday, you need to add some features like Active Directory , Active Directory Management , Active Directory Tools , Exchange Management and Exchange Tools . Active Directory (AD) is a technology created by Microsoft that provides a variety of network services, including: LDAP-like Directory services, Kerberos based authentication, DNS based naming and other network information etc. Using the same database, for use primarily in Windows environments, Active Directory also allows administrators to assign policies, deploy software, and apply critical updates to an organization. Active Directory is a directory service used to store information about the network resources across a domain and also centralize the network. An 'Active Directory' (AD) structure is a hierarchical framework of objects. The objects fall into three broad categories: resources (e.g., printers), services (e.g., email), and users (user accounts and groups).The AD provides also information on the objects, organizes the objects, controls access and sets security.

And there is a site that offers a highly scalable, open architecture solution and semplifies the process of offering tiered hosting plans to various customer segments. Ensim Unify has demonstrated their expertise with Windows-based solutions and they have products which are used to enable integrated solutions that secure, simplify, and automate complex environments. Ensim Unify enables; access control, identity management, change management, automated provisioning, reporting and auditing, password and role management, along with delegated administration and device/client configuration. So, if you want to know more about Ensim Unify, why not visit their site now.