Thursday, October 23, 2008

The Way To Solve Financial Problems

Everyday after we finished eating dinner, it's the time that my husband and I had a chance to talk about everything. And yesterday evening, I told him that I called my mom in the Philippines and she said that right now one of her friends has a financial problem. My mom told that this friend of her borrowed money in the bank and right now she doesn't know how to pay it. As a matter of fact, the bank already gave her a notice letter because it's been a long time that she is not paying. The bank ordered her to have her credit repair but her friend doesn't know how to start. Then, my husband told me that it's really hard to start because she should done it before and not now that the problem is bigger already. My husband even told me that she should know how to manage her loan. He even asked me, how much did she borrowed and I told to her that less than a hundred thousand pesos. Then my husband was shocked because it's a big amount what she borrowed. He told that it's really impossible to pay it especially if the salary is not that high. He even told me that my mom's friend really should know how to balance her expenses so that she can be able to improve credit in her loan. And he said that now, it's really too late to correct mistakes or improve credit score because she didn't manage everything from the start.I even told that from the start my mom's friend also had a problem in that bank because there are some informations that is not clear or true in what she filled up in the application form. And the bank send her a credit dispute notice. And my mom's friend is lucky because it was been solved. But then, here is this problem again.
Then, I told my husband that I saw a site that helps people find the right debt solutions that they need to recover from their mistakes. I even told him that, are going to give free debt consultation. And my husband told me to tell it to my mom so that she will tell it to her friend who is suffering in that kind of problem. And I replied that, when I call, I will tell it.