Saturday, October 18, 2008

Watch and Enjoy...

While I am walking last Wednesday going back to our house in the town, I encountered my husband's friend Antonio. He is an old time friend of my husband. He invited me to go with him in the coffee bar since we are infront of it. While we are drinking the coffee, he mentioned that his sister in-law who is residing in Florida is inviting them to go there. And since they are celebrating their 12th years of marriage this January, they are planning to go there maybe on January or February.
I told him that Florida is a very nice place (since I am watching CSI Miami every Friday) with a very nice surroundings. I even suggested that if he wants they can watch some football games there so that they will enjoy more (because he and his wife are football fanatics). And he said,why not? So, I told him that if he wants he can buy a ticket through online ticket company like TD Banknorth Company because they are providing hottest deals on premium TD Banknorth Garden tickets everyday. I even told him that if he wants he can visit their site and buy already the BCS National Championship Tickets or the NFL Football Tickets because I saw while I am browsing on the web that they have a game in Florida this January and February. So, why not grab the opportunity. And he said before we parted ways,that he will tell it to his wife so that they will buy a ticket as soon as possible.