Thursday, October 16, 2008

Music and Me

Please write a line or two of a Song that will best describe the mentioned items below. Have fun!

1. Current state of mind (Happy - Because I found a nice and loving husband.)
All my life without a doubt I gave you
All my life now and forever till the day I die
You and I will share
All the things this changing world can offer
and so I sing I'll be happy just to stay this way
Spend each day with you .....

2. Faith
Life up your hands to God
and he'll show You the way

3. Self
I'm stronger now
I've learned from my mistakes which way to go

4. Husband
Loving you makes life worth living.


And I promise you
I'll never say goodbye..

5. Child

6. Parents
You light up my life
You give me hope

7. Siblings

8. Friends
Di ko malilimutan
Kaibigan na pinag samahan
Mga bagay na nangyari lungkot man o ngiti

9. Life in general
Life is not at all that bad, my friend....
If you believe in your self ,
if you believe there's someone,
who walks through life with you,
you'll never be alone,
just turn to reach out and open your arms...

10. The whole world
Heal our land
Father, heal our land.

( Sorry because I was been inspired and that's the reason why I added more lines than one or two....)

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