Tuesday, October 21, 2008

A Light That Brightens The House

This December, my husband is planning to buy a pendant lantern and wall sconces around our home entrances to boost home security. He want to buy also a landscape lighting to make our home entertaining and more pleasurable. Then I suggested,that if he will going to buy something outside the house why not also changing the light fixtures of our home lightning. He asked me in what part or place of the house? I answered him that I want to change the ceiling mounted light in the living room and change it into chandelier. And he smiled at me.
Then,I mentioned that once I'm browsing in the web I saw a website that offers good quality of home lightning. I told him about Farreys. Farreys.com offers thousands of home lighting and home light fixture accessories in a wide range of styles and at the lowest prices from top manufacturers like Metropolitan, Minka Lavery, Murray Feiss and many more. And then he asked me if ever we will going to buy there,are there any choices that we could choose from? And I said yes, from casual chandeliers up to traditional chandeliers. I even suggested to visit their site so that he could see what I am talking about. And he said yes and he went upstairs and opened our computer.