Monday, October 20, 2008

An Amazing Business

Few years from now and my husband will going to retire already and that's the reason why right now we are already thinking of what kind of business are we going to put up someday. And I suggested to him that since he is working as a computer programmer here in Fabriano why not we'll going to put up an internet shop. And he said that it's not a nice business already putting another internet shop since there are more than five internet shops already here. And I suggested to him that if he doesn't want to put up an internet shop why not we put up an online business (since I know that he knows how to handle it someday). And my husband answered me "why not?". Then I told him that I saw a website that will going to solve our problems about it. I told him that this is an online business solution that offers an online storefront, drop ship product sourcing, tools to sell online, and a whole lot more. I told him that they will going to help us have an amazing profit. And it will give us also an opportunity to sell our products on eBay. As we all know that ebay products right now are very popular since they offer a really nice price for the costumers. Then, I even mentioned to him that if he wants we could have also a drop ship business like drop ship electronics etc. And he asked me about it. I told him that drop shipping is a supply chain method whereby a seller does not directly stock the products they sell instead, order fulfillment and shipping are conducted by a wholesaler on behalf of the retailer. And he asked me more about it... but I told to him to visit their site. And he went right away upstairs and opened the computer and visited their site.